Do you sell gift cards or vouchers?

Not yet but send us a message on social media and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How do I win Kababji goodies?

Big or small – trip away, free food or 10% off – we’re a generous bunch and always have some tasty goodies to giveaway! Keep an eye on our social media channels, offers page and sign up to our mailing list to get plenty of chances to enter and win!

Do you offer a discount for students, NHS & emergency services?

We sure do – simply flash your valid Student, NHS or Emergency Services ID card in-store to get 10% off your food. T&Cs apply.

Do you offer a local business discount?

Yes we offer a 10% off local business discount. If your office is based near a Kababji with more than 60 people working in it, send us an email to see if you qualify!

£1 Charge on Click + Collect

If you see a £1 charge on your account after making a Click & Collect order, please note this is a pre-authorisation cost which is refunded usually within 7 days. Elavon (our card processors) do this to check authentication. It’s very common for online purchases with new or rarely used cards. In most cases this money isn’t taken from the account, it just shows as a pending transaction and is refunded before it can be processed.

If 7 days has passed and this transaction hasn’t been refunded please get in touch using the feedback form and we can look in to it further.

Order Times

While we make every effort to complete the order by the time you specify on the website, from time to time things may hinder our ability to complete the order on-time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


We currently use the third party site, Deliveroo for delivery – if you experience any issues, in first instants please contact them direct and they can rectify it.

Alcohol is available at select stores however alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an order for alcohol products via Deliveroo you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. Identification will be requested at all times.


Once you place your order it gets sent to the store to be made. If you need to cancel the order, please use the feedback form on this website or contact the store direct and we will endeavour to cancel the order and refund your payment if the meal hasn’t yet been made.

Alcohol is available at select stores however alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an order for alcohol products via our online ordering service you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. Identification will be requested at all times.

The following offers and discounts are not available via click & collect or other online ordering/ third party sites. To redeem discounts/offers you must make the order in store and bring with you proof of the offer:
— Student discount
— Emergency services discount
— Any digital or hard copy voucher offering discounted or free product
— VIP or crew cards

Online Payments

When collecting an order, we may request that you present the card used to place the order as proof of identification. As a result, please bring your card with you when collecting.

Upon submitting your order details, you are making an offer to us to purchase the items in the order form. It may be necessary for us to refuse the order under certain circumstances. We reserve this right. Orders are subject to availability of products in the store. In certain cases we may substitute similar products or food toppings as and when required. If we are unable to provide an appropriate substitute we will refund the value of any products not fulfilled in the order.

Remember, you need to be over 18yo to order alcohol – all online orders will require ID on pick-up as proof of age.

How do I register my loyalty card?

Once you’ve picked up a loyalty card from your local Kababji, enter your details into the online registration form, including the 6–12 digit number on the front of your loyalty card. Click ‘Sign Up’ and keep an eye on your email inbox for your validation email (this may go to your junk inbox). Click the validation link and ‘Log In’ (top-right). Complete the next questions, click ‘Validate’ and you’re good to start earning points!

How do I collect loyalty points? 

Every time you buy a main dish over £5 in-store or on Click & Collect, you’ll receive 1 point on your card. To earn points your card must be registered online and you have to give it to the crew member to scan at the till before you pay. It can take up to 24 hours for your points to load on your card so don’t panic if they’re not in your balance straight away!

When can I redeem my freebies?

Once you’ve reached 5 points, you can redeem your free bag of chips at any time, and same goes with reaching 10 points for a free sandwich. Just add either item to your order in-store and when the crew swipe your card, the cost will be wiped from your order along with the voucher. Remember, it can take up to 24 hours to get your voucher loaded once you reach 5 points so give it a day!

If I forget my card can I add points later?

Nope, sorry! Our system doesn’t let us add points after the transaction. Be sure to put your loyalty card in a prime spot so you don’t forget it!

Can I claim my sandwich and chips at the same time?

You sure can – make a meal of it!

Will I lose my 5 points if I claim my free bag of chips?

Nope, claiming your free chips doesn’t mean your points will go to 0, they’ll keep growing to 10 each time you buy in-store.

Can I keep collecting points once I’ve hit 10?

Nope, at 10 points you’ll automatically be issued a digital voucher on your card for a free sandwich. You must use this voucher before you can collect any more points. Remember, if you haven’t claimed your free chips & salsa too, you’ll need to redeem this voucher also or else you’ll lose it!

How do I collect points on Click & Collect? 

Our loyalty card and Click & Collect programmes are linked – so once you’ve registered your loyalty card, every time you use Click & Collect you’ll earn points the same way you do in-store! Happy days.

Can I collect multiple points in one day?

Nope, sorry! You can collect 1 point a day and only one card can be swiped per order.

Can I claim my freebies on Click & Collect?

Nope, not just yet sorry! Right now you can only claim your freebies in-store.

What do I do if I’ve lost my card?

Oh bother – sorry to hear it! Visit your local Kababji to pick up a new card. Once logged in to your account, click ‘Your Account’ (top-right) and ‘Account Details’ (in the drop-down). Go to the ‘Registered Card’ section and click ‘Open’. Where you see your current card listed, click ‘Mark as Lost’. Then enter the loyalty card number on the front of your new card into the ‘Add Loyalty Card’ section. Click ‘Add Card’ and now you’re ready to use your new card. All the points from your lost card will be automatically transferred over!

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with my card?

If you can’t find the answer in our FAQs, send us a message via email and we’ll help you out! Make sure you add in your loyalty card number so we can access your account and find out what’s happening.

Why can’t I see all my points online?

Your points can take up to 24 hours to load onto your account so come back tomorrow and check again. If they’re still not there, send us a message via email and we’ll track them down!